Second Chance

Second Chance champions the cause of passions that fizzled out with the passage of time. Submerged in life’s mundane responsibilities, these passions have found a way back into those very lives with new zeal and enthusiasm for not just appreciating the arts but appreciating our own self. Second Chance is not a group or organisation but a concept that urges us all to give ourselves the second chance we deserve to pursue the one thing that makes us come alive.

Second Chance aims to bring together adult performers who either have taken up formal training in the performing arts at a stage later than ‘usual’ or have returned to it when they found their calling.

Conceptualised by two mature students of dance, Anuradha and Gayatri, it is a product of their yearning to be true to themselves as individuals, as parents, as professionals and as dance students that propelled the idea of ‘it is never too late’ into the vision called Second Chance.



Sohaman online festival of Classical Indian Dance and Music– is our first attempt to bring our vision to centre stage to address the issue at the core- to recognise the need to showcase mature performers or late starters side-lined based merely on chronological age. In a world rife with competition and strictly sticking to business, Soham underlines the importance, recognition, and acceptance of what makes our true selves despite obstacles within and outside of us. 

Soham presents a performing space and opportunity for this niche of ‘artists’ who find  opportunities limited due to an age bar or  schedules hard to fit in around essential responsibilities. The inclusion criteria for many festivals, shows and even resources at large are targeted at ‘young dancers’. Soham defies the logic of age and believes in revelling in the joy of the moment rather than the years gone by.

The aims of the festival are twofold:

  • Redefining the intent of pursuing arts, not limited by conventional yardsticks.
  • To create an awareness of the presence of an often-disregarded cohort of performers merely based on age.

Soham 2021 showcased those non-stereotypical journeys in artistic pursuit that translate into a celebration of life, self and therefore the art form in its true spirit. As a biennial festival, we are delighted to bring back this hugely well received platform in 2023.

Registration and Audition for Individual Artist or Group

The festival will be on the virtual platform

Key Dates
15 January 2023
: Registration & audition submission of audition videos
31 January 2023: Performers confirmed
6 March 2023: Submission of performance videos
7 April 2023: Soham – Online festival starts

Requirements for audition clips

Length of clip: up to 3-5 minutes to include

  • An introduction with an  emphasis on how a Second Chance in your chosen art form has enriched you.
  • Performance – need not be your final performance piece- 3-4 minutes.

The videos should be uploaded as unlisted (not private) YouTube with the link to the uploaded videos to be pasted into the link box in the submission form.

Requirements for final performance video

For the final performance,

  • A brief introduction of yourselves in the form you choose- this is for the organisers to get to know you a little better- 2 minutes if audio or video clip or a written description (250-300 words). Highlights would include your foray into the arts, your story of Second Chance and how coming back to the art form has enriched you.
  • Music performance- 6-8 minutes
  • Dance performance 8-10 minutes

You can choose the number of pieces you would like to showcase.

The final performance videos must reach us by the 6 March 2023

The videos should be uploaded as unlisted YouTube videos. The link to the uploaded YouTube Videos should be pasted into the link box in the submission form.

Soham Registration & Audition Form (submit by 15 January 2023)

Classical art performed

5 + 4 =

Terms & Conditions

  • By participating in the virtual festival you give us your implicit consent to content being shared on social media.
  • As a registering participant, Second Chance and Upasana Arts will use your details to contact you with regard to Soham and subsequently for any further undertakings.
  • Due to the nature of the platform, children strictly cannot be participants in the final performance. However, Second Chance acknowledges the impact a supportive family can have and hence they can be a part of ‘your story’ videos. The discretion to air it will be that of the organisers.
  • You confirm no participation of children (under the age of 16).
  • You understand the vision and ethos of Second Chance.
  • You will keep up and meet the above outlined timelines and requirements for the purposes of the smooth execution of the festival in its debut year.
  • Please make sure that you have permission to use the music for your dance piece.


For further clarifications contact