Upasana is not for profit arts organisation started in 2004 in Manchester. The Company celebrates Indian art and culture through workshops, classes and performances by showcasing the very best to the British audience and emphasising through their work that ‘tradition’ is not a ‘passé’.  By engaging young children and community with Indian artistic culture and heritage with a focus on South Indian classical dance and  music (Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music respectively), Upasana aims to:

  • Develop next generation of performing artists and teachers of Bharatanatyam style in the North West region and beyond.
  • Develop audience for Indian classical dance and music through high quality performances
  • Increase awareness, appreciation and respect of other cultures and art forms
  • Enhance self- esteem, confidence, team spirit and respect for diversity

Upasana’s activities include:

  • Teaching Bharatanatyam to over 100 students during weekly dance and music classes in Didsbury and Oldham,
  • Preparing students for ‘Arangetram’ (Dance Graduation) and the ISTD exams,
  • Regular workshops in schools to address multiculturalism or support their learning of  India in Geography or Hinduism as part of Religious study.
  • Dance performances in mainstream venues like The Lowry and Bridgewater Hall  and community settings like park, festivals and churches.
  • Seminars on Indian culture and values.

Through these activities Upasana has reached out to more than 50,000 people in the past ten years. In partnership with leading regional organisations, Upasana promotes the advocacy of Indian classical dance and music in the region. By increasing such exposure and awareness, Upasana encourages artistic appreciation, respect for other cultures, diversity and integrity .